OCM Radio Link Maintenance Packages

Customers of Solectek radios can now avail of additional maintenance coverage for their equipment from OCM. These maintenance packages are described as follows:

  • Next Business Day Support – telephone support with and NBD onsite support with service unit.
  • 8 x 5 Support Package – telephone support and same-day onsite support with service unit.
  • 24 x 7 Support Package – round-the-clock support available with guaranteed service unit.

For your peace of mind, call for pricing at (632)813-54-60 loc 120, send us a fax at (632)813-54-60 loc 139 or send us an email at info@ocmanila.com.


OCM recently completed a wireless solution project to interconnect Chowking’s production sites and warehouses to their Ortigas head office. Employing state-of-the-art wireless technology from Solectek, Chowking’s dispersed operations are now centratlized with capabilities for data and voice communications.

Orange Coast Manila, Inc. provides complete wireless solutions and undertakes complete installation task from site surveys, site licensing, equipment installation to maintenance and troubleshooting using cost-effective solutions from Solectek.


The Philippine Geothermal Corporation

Through Orange Coast Manila, Inc. has successfully deployed Solectek wireless solution in their Tiwi, Albay geothermal plant. The wireless links enable PGI remotely control and monitor their geothermanl wells from their office located nine kilometers away.

Solectek wireless products provide quick deployment and enough bandwidth to accommodate measurement and monitoring data as well as provide for voice channels between the sites.


Orange Coast Manila, Inc.

Is a silver partner of Sonicwall products for the Philippines.






The Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI)

One among the largest banks in the Philippines, has selected AR’s Internet banking security solution. AR’s reputable PrivateWire enables organizations to securely communicate between organizations and private users, offering users with remote access to services and information. PrivateWire provides BPI with a significant enhanced secure communication system over the Internet, offering the bank and its customers with a protected confident method of conducting remote transactions. In addition, deployment PrivateWire will enable BPI to encrypt data and digitally sign Web transactions with AR’s PrivateSafe readers. PrivateCard smartcards, and Minikeys, providing a much improved authentication and validation method. Electronic transactions are growing at an exponential rate; PrivateWire provides the ultimate solution for organizations that strive to enable consumers to conduct secure transactions online.

Orange Coast Manila, Inc. continues to provide BPI with support and maintenance for AR’s PrivateWire Internet banking security solution.

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