Microwave Radio Links

OCM has extensive experience in microwave installation with different makes and brands of microwave radios and various modulation and propagation methodologies. We offer the following services:

  • site survey, design, propagation tests, and actual installation of radios and aerials;
  • maintenance services for existing radio links for any brand of radio equipment;
  • link repair jobs;
  • service level agreements for new and in-service equipment and links.

Our site testing and surveys are conducted with certified test results. We assist in the preparation, application and renewal of government sites licenses.

LAN/WAN Network Services

OCM performs the following network services:

  • Intranet and Internet design and upgrade implementations and LAN/WAN design and installation;
  • Provision of turnkey solutions for LAN/WAN connectivity;
  • Strategic network review and analysis;
  • Fiber optic splicing and termination.

We perform system integration and implementation.

OCM also performs data communications and legacy systems integration.

We have extensive experience in VOFR and VOIP implementations.

Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Comprehensive corrective and preventive maintenance packages for equipment and installations;
  • Comprehensive radio link maintenance packages with telephone and onsite support;
  • Support packages with guaranteed availability of spare equipment.
Network Cabling

  • Structured copper/optical cabling for voice and data systems;
  • Certified installers of Krone and Otronics cables and components.
Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Installation and configuration of wired and wireless CCTV packages;
  • Networked IP video solutions.
Radio Lease Program

For a fraction of the cost of the actual equipment and at a lower cost that the rental of carrier facilities, customers can avail of our wireless link installations using state-of-the-art equipment. Leasing is ideal if you need:

  • Interim or short-term solutions without the high associated costs;
  • Quick deployment with high bandwidth;
  • No maintenance costs and equipment depreciation or obsolescence;
  • Immediate availability of parts for uninterrupted operations;
  • Flexible packages with optional 24/7 support.